Aloe Cadabra Review – All Organic Natural Lube

Lube Reviewed - Aloe Cadabra

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  • Made from natural and organic ingredients
  • Compatible with all toys
  • Latex condom-compatible


  • Not waterproof
  • Price
  • Not compatible with all condoms

Aloe is one of nature’s most versatile substances, treating everything from sunburns to moisturizing your skin. Used alone, aloe makes a wonderful personal lube, but Aloe Cadabra goes the extra mile to ensure maximum comfort and pleasure.

Key Features

Aloe Cadabra is available in five different options: unscented, peppermint, vanilla, pina colada, and lavender. Peppermint adds a slight tingle in addition to a minty flavor, while the other scents add flavor and smells to the ambiance.

There are a ton of reasons to give Aloe Cadabra a try. This lube is made in the United States. It’s vegan and FDA cleared. Plus, the ingredients list is organic! You can even eat it.


Know What You Put In Your Body

Organic and vegan products are all the rage, and Aloe Cadabra is a company that takes advantage of that! FDA-approved and organic ingredients have been selected specifically for this lube to be slick and healthy for your body. You won’t find dangerous ingredients such as parabens, oils or glycerin.

If you like to support American companies, rest assured that Aloe Cadabra is made in the United States. However, this personal lube is all about providing you the support you need to have comfortable sex (or solo time).

Ingredients such as aloe and Vitamin E not only make things slippery, but they leave your skin moisturized afterward.

Four scent options give you the ability to change it up, or you can stick to original if you’re sensitive to smells. The peppermint scent also tingles if you’re into that sort of things.


For those lovers who don’t specifically need organic or natural products, Aloe Cadabra might be too pricey. It’s also not waterproof, so it won’t do well in the shower. However, you can happily use it with your favorite toys and condoms (except those made from polyurethane)!

Some people have experienced reactions when using this lube, so opt for something else if you have sensitivities to any of the following ingredients.

  • Organic Aloe Vera
  • Vitamin E Oil
  • Xanthan
  • Citric Acid
  • Potassium Sorbate and Sodium Benzoate
  • Organic Vanilla Planifolia Concentrate

Note that natural lubes like this may crystallize around the opening. Simply wipe it down, and you’re good to go.


Naturalico Organic Intimate Lubricant

This lube is more cost effective than Aloe Cadabra. It’s a natural lube that includes Tremella Fuciformis extract for its moisturizing properties.

The lube promises to be silky smooth and wash off easily, and there’s a satisfaction guarantee.

Lulu’s #1 Accessory lube is targeted for people who like luxury. It’s water-based and lightweight. If you have sensitive skin, rest assured there are no scents in Lulu lube. This product is compatible with all condoms and USDA-certified organic.

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