Anal Beads – How to Use Anal Beads

For those venturing into sex toys, anal beads provide a unique sensation. After insertion, you slowly pull the beads from your anal canal, which creates a massage-like feeling as each beads pop out of your sphincter muscles.

Both men and women enjoy anal beads, and they definitely deserve a place in your toy box!

Anal beads haven't changed much over the years. They consist of beads or balls on a string. Originally, the ropes were made of cotton or nylon and strung through balls. Contemporary anal bead designs typically rely on a single piece with the balls and rope/string being made of the same material.

Perhaps the biggest difference is that modern anal beads are now made of more hygienic materials.

Anal Bead Health and Safety

There are two types of anal beads you should never use:

  • Those without a handle or loop to extract them and
  • Those where the beads are connected by cotton string.

The latter design is common with extremely cheap anal beads, but they pose several problems. First, the cotton string can never be fully cleaned, so it will stain, take on an unpleasant smell and always contain fecal bacteria no matter how much you wash them with soap and water.

Secondly, the cotton strings are more prone to breaking than those connected by thicker and stronger material. This means that beads could become lodged in your anus or even colon if they move further in, requiring a potentially embarrassing and costly visit to the doctor!

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The Best Materials for Anal Beads

Silicone anal beads solve both of these problems. Silicone can be thoroughly cleansed with a 10% bleach solution, boiling for three minutes or by placing in the dishwasher. This enables you to keep your anal beads forever or even swap them with a friend! Regular soap and water will do during routine use, however.

Anal beads of plastic, stainless steel and glass are also easy to clean and a wiser option – as long as the string in between is made of a similar material and not cotton.

Beware of jelly, PVC and similar materials. They contain pores that can collect bacteria just like cotton string. You can use them with a condom, but you'll never be able to fully cleanse the bacteria from those pores.

Types of Anal Beads

Vibrating beads have some sort of control so you can add some buzz to your anal play time.

Rigid beads are typically made of glass or stainless steel. They can often be used as a plug or dildo but have the beaded shape.

Textured beads don't just pop as you use them! You get something new from nubs or ridges.

Cock rings with beads are an interesting option. A male partner wears the ring around his penis while the beads penetrate his partner's anus. Alternatively, the beads could penetrate the man.

Weighted beads are hollow with internal balls that move around as you move, creating a vibration-like sensation.

Other variations include beads that are more elongated and tapered, curved shafts.

Best Anal Beads Reviews

The following are some of the best anal beads on the market. Each offers their own features, so feel free to add a few to your cart to try!

1. UTIMI Vibrating Anal Beads

These vibrating beads have a larger base, which includes controls for a vibrating function. This may also be useful to keep a grip on the toy. They're made from porous TPR material.

2. Healthy Vibes Pure Silicone Anal Beads

If you don't want anal beads that vibrate, here's your basic option. They're made of body-safe silicone and include a loop at the end to use them safely. There are six beads of graduating size with tapered shapes up the shaft

3. Utimi Silicone Anal Plug with Anal Bead

Here is your traditional anal bead set. Each bead is spherical, which will create a drastic sensation when removed. The beads alternate in size with the largest having a 1.5-inch diameter and the smaller balls with a .7-inch diameter.

4. Tracy's Anal Beads with Cock Ring

This sex toy combine anal beads with a vibrating cock ring. Place the ring around the partner's penis, so the nubby side will make contact with the partner's clitoris. The chain is 11 inches long, so the beads can penetrate either partner during sex, and it's made of medical-grade silicone.

5. Huge Glass Anal Beads

The final toy on this list is actually a glass dildo with multiple bulbs, which mimics traditional anal beads. This one is rigid and doesn't have a drastic difference in size between the bulbs and the shaft.

There's also less distance between each of the bulbs than some sex toys. Because it's glass, you can wipe with a bleach solution or boil, which enables you to use it vaginally.

How To Use Anal Beads

Now that you've selected anal beads, it's time to use them. The shape provides unique sensations when you insert them or remove them. Many people like to do so slowly to increase the sensation. However, this certainly isn't a requirement.

Because most beads increase in size gradually, you don't need to insert more than you're comfortable. You might only insert two beads now, but as you gain experience, you might insert the whole string!

It goes without saying that anal beads require plenty of lube. Water-based lubricant is compatible with all anal beads, and you'll want to spot test silicone lube with any silicone beads. If the beads become gummy, the lube isn't compatible.

If yours vibrate, you might want to insert them before turning it on. Non-vibrating anal beads can be made to vibrate by holding a wand like the Hitachi against them.

Anal Beads for Prostate Stimulation

Many women enjoy anal beads, but men have a special sweet spot in their anus that can respond to stimulation. The prostate is about two inches inside the anal canal, toward the top. For men using anal beads on themselves or their partners who are assisting, angling toward this spot can produce unique orgasms!

Some people especially enjoy removing anal beads during orgasm, so you can experiment with timing of removal. Of course, they can simply be pleasurable during partner sex or masturbation. There is no right way to use anal beads!

Whether you're a man or woman, anal beads can add something extra to masturbation, and you can incorporate them into partner sex, too.

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