Beginner’s Guide To Anal Douche and Anal Cleaning

Nearly everyone has heard the term “douche”. Most know what the terms means and may have actually douched themselves. Others are only familiar with the term as an insulting term, a “bad name” to call someone.

Chances are that the douche that most of us are referring to is a vaginal douche. What most people are unaware of is that douching can also be performed anally. Anal douches are more popular with the gay male population, but females who engage in anal sex may also use anal douches as part of their sexual hygiene routine.

We are going to walk you through the basics of anal douching and review things you should consider prior to attempting your first one.

What is an Anal Douche Exactly?

Anal douches work just like a vaginal douche would, except, well… they are used anally. They are used to clean out the rectum and are typically used prior to a sexual encounter that includes anal sex. The purpose is to try to eliminate an “accident” from happening during the act of anal intercourse and clean out the rectum to remove any nasty stuff. The last thing anyone wants is to have a fecal catastrophe in the midst of their sex play.

Anal Douche and Enema - Colon Anatomy

Basically, water is administered through a douche apparatus and then the water is expelled back through the rectum, out the body, taking any unwanted debris along with it. Most people feel a shower and topical wash of the anal area is sufficient. Many, however, would like some additional reassurances that they are fresh and clean and the chance of having an accident is less likely.

There is a slight difference between douches and enemas and that is the amount of water used for each process. Douches use less water than enemas do, usually up to 13oz. An enema can use as much as a half-gallon. Other than that, they are administered in the same way.

Why You Need Anal Douching

There are arguments both for and against anal douching. Some feel it is not necessary, that the body sufficiently takes care of itself and if the person is healthy and follows a healthy diet, the body does a great job of expelling fecal matter all on its own.

If someone has a poor diet, one high in fats and low in fiber, their normal bowel movements may be more frequent and looser in form. This may lend itself to a higher risk of having an issue during anal sex. In those cases, the douche is probably a good idea, not only physically, but for the mental benefit as well. It takes some of the worry and anxiety off of the person who is on the receiving end of the anal sex (the bottom). Additionally, the person who is the “top” in the encounter will probably appreciate the peace of mind as well.

Is it Safe?

As far as safety is concerned, care must be taken when using a douche. The process of douching can remove the anal mucosal lining which is a protective surface barrier. It protects against infections, so by removing it through douching, you leave yourself susceptible to infection. Also, the anal tissue and bowel tissue is delicate. It is very easy to cut yourself when douching if you do not pay attention and take your time.

The tip of the douche must be inspected before every use to ensure that there are no sharp edges or cracks. A cut in the bowel or anal lining can lead to an infection or even HIV. You may want to consider using a lube on the syringe end prior to insertion into the anus.

Overuse of douches may affect your body’s natural function when it comes to the digestive system and elimination of waste. Someone who overuses them may find they need to take laxatives to stimulate the body’s natural elimination process.

Use only water, adding ingredients is not recommended, as the anal lining is very sensitive and inflammation and redness can occur if using anything other than plain water.

Types of Anal Douches

  • Bulb syringe
  • Shower kit
  • Enema bags

Let’s take a look at each of these specific types of douches. Before we start, if you have not used anal douches before, it is generally recommended that you start off with the bulb syringe type. It is inexpensive and the easiest to use. Once you are comfortable with this method and you think you may douche on a regular basis, then you can try out the other types.

Bulb syringe

This is a two piece douche and the easiest to use. It is also the least expensive. If you have never douched anally, this is what you should start out with. The two parts are the nozzle end and the bulb. They click together to create one unit. This type can be used over the toilet (as opposed to the shower) and the cleanse it provides is considered shallow. You can get a bulb syringe with a longer nozzle to get a little deeper cleanse, but exercise caution and hold off on that until you get the hang of this one.

Things to consider when buying bulb syringe

  • ​Spray Pattern – There are different types of nozzles that can be purchased as part of these systems. The spray pattern can be “straight” or “wide”. Straight only allows the water to be dispensed in one direction. The wide spray option allows for a more thorough cleaning and gets the job done quicker by covering more area.
  • The nozzles - come in plain, grooved or beaded. The only real function of the grooved or beaded would be pleasure. Some people experience discomfort with these and if cleansing is your only concern, stick with the basic plain nozzle. The width and length of the nozzle can vary. You will want to be sure to choose one that is comfortable for you, but a wider, longer nozzle will provide a more thorough cleansing.


Anal Douche



Cleanstream Enema Bulb Red

8 oz

2.5 inces

Healthy Vibes Enema Bulb

10 oz

4.75 inches

California Exotics Anal Douche

8 oz

3 and 4 inches

XHIVAR Superior Medical Materials Enema Bulb

7 oz

2.3 inches

Shower kit 

A shower kit should only be used by those who have some experience with anal douching. This douche kit allows the user to hook up the apparatus directly to the shower. This type of system does provide a deeper cleanse but you must be very careful when using this device. The higher pressure can do damage if not handled carefully. There are models that allow you to control the water pressure and these are recommended especially for those who have not used this method beforehand.

Enema bags 

This type of douche is a cross between the two above choices. It uses a bag, much like a hot water bottle, and a long hose attached to a nozzle. The bag is hung up (think IV bag) and attached to the shower and the water flows through the tubing via gravity, rather than pressure like the shower kit. This should come with an option to adjust the pressure and since it is easily detachable, you can take it with you if that option appeals to you.

Okay, How To Douche? Step By Step Guide

Let’s run through an anal douche step by step. For these purposes, we will use the bulb syringe type for our instructions since it is the simplest option and the one you will probably start out with using.

  1. Rinse the douche parts well prior to use and assemble pieces.
  2. Fill the bulb with warm water.
  3. Apply lube to both the nozzle and the anal opening.
  4. While over the toilet, insert the nozzle gently into the anus.
  5. Slowly squeeze the bulb to push water into rectum.
  6. When all of the water is dispensed, gently remove nozzle.
  7. Hold the water until you feel an insistent urge to evacuate.
  8. You will want to repeat the process a few more times (2-3) until the water coming out is clear. You can check this by flushing after every evacuation.
  9. Clean the douche system before storing away.

Video Showing How to Use an Anal Douche

Some precautionary notes:

After the initial insertion, you may want to use anal lube before the next one. Since there is no natural lubrication in the anus, it will make the process more comfortable.

Perform the douche at least an hour prior to anal intercourse. Sometimes all of the water is not expelled and this will allow time for your body to calm down and to make sure all of the water has been evacuated from your system. If not, there is the chance that the water will leak out during sex.

If at any point during the douching, or immediately after, you experience pain, stop. Discontinue using them until you get checked out by a doctor. There can be serious complications as discussed above and any issues should be addressed immediately.

If you are engaging in anal sex or plan to, anal douching is something you may want to consider. It definitely has its pros and cons, but if used carefully and not overdone, it can be a worthwhile practice for you and your partner.

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