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Lube Reviewed - Bad Dragon Cum Lube

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  • Safe for use with toys
  • Washes off eaily
  • Stringy to be realistics


  • Washes off in water
  • Sticky
  • No pump bottle

You might be familiar with the company Bad Dragon, which makes a number of novelty dildos in shapes that range from triceratops to unicorn to fox to, of course, dragons. But Bad Dragon also sells personal lubricant - Bad Dragon Cum Lube - and you’ve never seen anything like it.


Bad Dragon Cum lube is designed to be as sticky and stringy as real cum. Put it on your hands, rub your fingers together and pull them apart, and you’ll see the strings of lube. Use Bad Dragon accessories for a realistic ejaculating dildo experience.

Because this lube water-based, you can use it with any sex toy and condoms as well.

Choose from clear or white cum lube if you want a more realistic appearance.


Few of the lubes we review have been designed specifically to be like the real thing, but Bad Dragon has done it. The company makes unique dildos that replicate the genitals of animals or even fantastic creatures, and their customers love to envelope themselves in experienced created by these original pieces.

Because those products are silicone, Bad Dragon Cum Lube is water-based. It won’t damage toys, and it washes off easily. But it’s not good for use in the shower. If you experience issues with most water-based lube, rest assured that Cum Lube contains no parabens. The ingredients list is short:

  • Water

  • Polyethylene Oxide

  • Potassium Sorbate

  • Citric Acid

The texture of Bad Dragon Cum Lube is both slick and sticky. It lubricates, but it imitates real cum, so much so that it’s even a bit stringy! The Cum Lube in white is especially realistic. It’ll run down your toy or body just like cum.

If you’re interested, Bad Dragon sells tubes to allow you to “shoot” lube from the urethra of your favorite dildo, but you can certainly use Bad Dragon Cum Lube without the tube or with any other toy for that matter.

Cum Lube adds another element to your sexual play whether you want to feel full of cum or you want to create a realistic experience for your partner.


Spunk Lube

Spunk Lube makes no effort to hide the major design feature: it looks just like cum. It drips from the pump into your hand just like a partner. The hybrid formula is super slick and longer lasting than water-based lubes because it combines silicone with water bases, but you’ll want to test it with your silicone toys. Spunk Lube is made in the USA.

Liquid Silk

Liquid Silk is another white lube that looks a bit like cum. It’s water-based like Bad Dragon Cum Lube. The downsides include a smell similar to Elmer’s Glue. If you don’t like the sticky, stringiness of Cum Lube, you can try this one. It’s less tacky. The bio-static formula will stop bacteria and fungi from spreading.

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