Best Butt Plugs for Maximum Anal Pleasure

A butt plug is a single toy, typically made of one piece of material. A plug will be tapered for insertion, increase in size and taper again to a neck or shaft that sits in your sphincter.

A flared base keeps the plug safely in place and enables you to control it during use and remove it when you're done.

Butt plugs create the feeling of being filled and, unlike dildos, don't necessarily need to be moved. A plug can stimulate a man's prostate during sex or masturbation. If you're a woman, you can enjoy a butt plug while you're penetrated by a partner or a toy. Some people even wear butt plugs during the day.

What's Your Plug Made Of?

Butt plug material affects your experience in several ways. Softer materials such as silicone may be more comfortable for beginners. Some materials, glass, ceramic, and metal included, respond better to temperature changes. Materials that are sleeker slide in easier and tend to use less lube. Glass can be gorgeous while metal has a certain aesthetic to it.

different types of material for anal plug

Glass, metal and silicone can be fully sterilized while jelly, PVC, rubber and TPR butt plugs can't. They'll retain smells and stains. After a while, you'll probably wind up tossing a low-quality butt plug if you frequently use it.

Here's a quick rundown of each material type and its pros and cons.

  • Silicone: Can be soft to hard; texture may require more lube; can be sterilized; may not work with silicone lube
  • Glass: Sleek, responds well to temperature, may need less lube, rigid, unique designs; can be translucent
  • Ceramic: Lighter than glass; rigid, smooth, good for temperature play
  • Metal: Heavier than glass, can be sterilized, sleek and rigid, can be warmed or cooled
  • PVC, Rubber/Jelly and TPR: Porous so cannot be fully sterilized; affordable; softer; may be heavy; PVC and rubber irritate latex allergies​

Size Matters

A butt plug that has a wider neck or a smaller bulb can be difficult to keep inside. But if you get a plug that's too large, especially when you're just getting used to them, you might be in for a painful experience. Not only can insertion hurt, but it can leave you uncomfortable after you remove the butt plug.

small, medium and large size of anal plug

Because you can wear a butt plug for an extended period of time, comfort is of the utmost importance. A comfortable butt plug can be worn during sex or masturbation, while sitting down or even while doing household chores.

Size obviously plays into this, though your specific anatomy will decide which but plug is the most comfortable for you. Butt plugs are measured both by maximum diameter and by length, just like dildos. Plugs meant for newcomers are often well under 1” wide. We recommend that you opt for plugs smaller than 1.4 inches in diameter even if you have more experience.

You can increase size as you become more comfortable, but you don't want your eyes to be bigger than your butt!

All About that Base

Butt plugs traditionally come with a round or rectangular base, but these may not be comfortable if your backside is more well-endowed. You can try an anal plug that has a more narrowed or hook style base, instead.

A butt plug with a longer neck may also be more comfortable because the base extends further past your cheeks. However, you may prefer something shorter if you plan to sit with the butt plug inserted.

No matter what type of base you choose, it should be wider than the neck or contain a loop/handle that will prevent it from becoming lodged in your anal cavity, which could require an embarrassing trip to the emergency room! This means no homemade plugs. Do it right or not at all!

If your plug does get stuck, sit over the toilet and push to see if you can remove it.

Lube Is your Friend

You should use personal lubricant whenever you insert a butt plug. Water-based is compatible with all plugs, but some people prefer silicone-based lube because of its slickness. Perform a spot test on your plug if it's made of silicone to ensure it's compatible. Put some lube on the toy and rub it briskly for 10 minutes. If the spot becomes sticky or gummy, stick to water-based lube.

Even when using lube, you'll want to go slower than slow. It can be disappointing to try a butt plug for the first time and find that the experience is not pleasurable due to rushing or using the wrong size as we previously mentioned.

Get Into Position

Once you've chosen your butt plug, cleaned it and lubed it up, there's nothing left than to use it. You might want to enlist the help of your partner. Regardless, here are a few positions you can use to insert your butt plug:

  • 1. On all fours (doggie style)
  • 2. On your side with one cheek spread
  • 3. Squatting over it

Choose the position that works best for you and, remember, go slow!

As You Get More Experienced

Your first (or first ten!) tries have gone well. You like butt plugs, but maybe you need something a little more filling or more interesting. You can certainly increase in size, length or weight, choose a butt plug with more than one “bulb” or bubble or add texture to your butt plug. It's easier to take rigid plugs such as those made of ceramic, glass or stainless steel once you become more experienced.

You'll also find some of the following types of butt plugs are available if you want to move beyond the basic plug.

  • Cock Ring Plugs: Combine a cock ring and a butt plug for a man's anal/prostate stimulation. You can wear it during sex or solo time.
  • Animal Tail Butt Plugs: If you've been around the Internet a time or two, you've probably seen some of those animal tail anal plugs. Insert the plug and you have a fox, rabbit or cat tail hanging from your behind. These plugs are whimsical and work well for roleplaying or BDSM if that's your thing. You'll need to take special care to clean them
  • Vibrating Butt Plugs: Why just feel full when you can feel the buzz, too? These plugs either come with a button on the base or a remote control that enables you to experience vibrations in your anal canal
  • Anal Dilators: These are really for the pros! Dilators start small and get bigger, so you'll feel even more full every time you move up in size. They can help you prepare for anal fisting or sex. But some people just love the feeling of anal stretching.
  • Inflatable Plugs: Increase the size with a hand pump.

Of course, you'll find new features and functions of butt plugs all the time!

Clean Up

After you're done using your butt plug, you'll need to clean it up. Soap and water works if you don't plan to share it, but wiping with a 10% bleach solution or boiling plugs without motors helps get them even cleaner!

The Best Butt Plugs Money Can Buy

You have plenty of options when it comes to butt plugs – whether you're buying your first or 50th. Here are a few that we recommend.

Anal Trainer Kit from Real Vibes

Four different sizes means you can build up in intensity or simply start small until you're ready to use the biggest of the butt plugs. This set of butt plugs is made from silicone and has softly-rounded tips for your comfort.

Jeweled Butt Plug

Form and function combine in this butt plug, which has a jewel at the base for that extra something. You can choose from various gem colors. Metal works well for temperature play and is easy to insert with a bit of lube. It's just over 1” in diameter.

Trinity Vibes Vibrating Inflatable Anal Plug

This butt plug both vibrates and inflates. With a hand pump, you can increase or decrease the size to make insertion and removal easier. It requires 2 AA batteries.

Silicone Anal Plug

The Doc Johnson Mood series has a narrow curved base that may be more comfortable for you. The Naughty 1 is one of the larger toys; although, you can find plugs in the line that are small or medium sized, are twisted or have ridges Each piece is made from body-safe silicone.

Utimi Wild Stainless Steel White Fox Tail Butt Plug

A gorgeous white fox tail will make you feel sexy and whimsical. The plug itself is made from stainless steel and moderately sized.

It might take a while to find the right butt plug and then to get used to wearing it, but your careful research and patience can lead to an erotic anal experience in the end!

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Hi. I am a plus size woman with a big butt. I am having trouble inserting the plug I have by myself and think that I need a longer base or handle. Can you recommend a plug for me?

Matthew Murphy

Some of the larger ones are more expensive


Thanks for this quick run-down. We made the mistake of always just drinking a bit and going for anal sex back when nothing was published about it, and it was always horribly painful at insertion and sometimes even afterwards (it was never pleasant)–leading to bleeding and hemorrhoids the last time we tried that. With all the anal porn, even teen guys are now trying to get girls to let them penetrate them, so this information is really excellent for those women who want to give it a try. I still don’t enjoy it, but at least can do it safely with less discomfort and risk of injury. You may want to mention that most women may need to do one or more enemas to clean out. I note that porn stars report even using colonoscopy clean outs and avoid eating solid foods at dinner the night before they do a scene. I’ve found an enema is absolutely essential. Again, porn stars even note they sometimes do multiple enemas before and during scenes.


I enjoy wearing butt plugs everyday. I have big and small ones. Some I wear for a long time and some I wear for a short time. I like variety. I like the pressure inside of me. It makes me comfortable and secure regardless of what is going on around me.


got my first plug yesterday the small one.orderd the med one aswell.wat i want to know wat do they mean when they say it makes you feel full.and some say when they walk they can feel it move


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