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Ultimate Guide To Prostate Massage

You may have heard of prostate milking, also known as prostate massage. It’s sometimes recommended by doctors as a way to improve a man’s prostate health, but it can also be quite pleasurable. You’ll need to locate your prostate, sometimes known as a male G-spot, and the right tools for the job if you want […]

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Beginner’s Guide To Anal Douche and Anal Cleaning

Nearly everyone has heard the term “douche”. Most know what the terms means and may have actually douched themselves. Others are only familiar with the term as an insulting term, a “bad name” to call someone. Chances are that the douche that most of us are referring to is a vaginal douche. What most people are […]

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How To Prepare: 11 Tips To Have An Awesome Anal Sex

Many of you may have your interest in anal sex, but at the same time you don’t feel you have an adequate understanding about what is involved in the preparation process and how to have things go as smoothly and comfortably as possible. The following 11 tips will help you prepare for your future involvement […]

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