Best Water Based Natural Lube

While water based lubes are the most basic of all personal lubricants, they're also universal. They're also the easiest to find and generally cost less than their silicone-based and oil counterparts.

The best water based lube will not only be cost effective but should be long-lasting, free of irritation,comfortable, easy to clean up and does not stain fabric.

Why Water-Based Lube?

Water based lubes use water as the moist base. Other ingredients make it thicker, longer-lasting and preserve it while it sits on the shelf or in your nightstand. Water based lubes can be used for masturbation, vaginal and anal sex. And it won't feel strange on your tongue if you happen to get a bit of lube on it.

You can also purchase oil-based and silicone lubes, and some people keep more than one kind on hand depending on their specific activities. You wouldn't want to use water based lubes in the shower or pool, for instance. Silicone-based lubes tend to be longer lasting without any stickiness if that's your concern, but water based lubes wash off more easily.

If you're wondering why to use lube at all, remember that it makes things slicker, reduces discomfort and enables you to have sex longer! Menopause can cause a woman's body to produce less lubrication, and the anus doesn't self-lubricate at all. Some women find themselves needing lube after childbirth because of scar tissue while almost anyone can benefit from the added slickness.

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Aloe Vera


Aloe Vera


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Water Based

How To Choose The Best Water Based Lube​

There are so many water-based lubes on the market. You may even be able to purchase one from your local gas station. However, this doesn't make it a high-quality product.

Here are the things you should look for when choosing the right water based lube

  • It shouldn't be sticky - The biggest criticism of water-based lube is that it dries as it wears away, and it become sticky as it does. You can apply more lube or even water to refresh it, but the best water-based lube won't become sticky​.
  • It shouldn't have problematic ingredients like parabeans, glycerin and petroleum products.
  • Look for lube that contains aloe Vera, Carrageenan or Vitamin E


There are a number of things you should know about water-based lubricants. For starters, they're available in a wide variety of thicknesses. You can find lube that's as thin as water, and it thickens until it becomes to consistency of a gel. Depending upon your activity, you might prefer thinner lube, or it might be thicker lube that works well for you.

For example, thinner lubes feel more natural when used during PIV sex. However, a gel-like personal lubricant may be the better option for anal sex. If you're using toys, you might want something in between so that it won't drip down your toy and hands.

Ingredients and Sensation​

You'll also want to keep in mind ingredients the personal lubricant you purchase. Lube isn't monitored by the FDA (however, it's becoming more common to see organic and natural lubes on the shelves), so some common ingredients may not be the best for your body.

​Whenever you use a product in your most sensitive places, a possible reaction tends to be worse than with other products. You don't want to feel as though your vagina or testicles are on fire!

Problematic Ingredients

There are a few ingredients that tend to be the most problematic, and you can sometimes find them in water-based lube:

  • Glycerin has been associated with yeast infections •
  • Parabens are currently being studied for a link with breast cancer •
  • Propylene glycol is used to pull chemicals into your skin •
  • Petroleum coats the skin and blocks pores •
  • L-Arginine can prompt an outbreak for those with herpes

In general, it's wise to avoid these products even if you don't have particularly sensitive skin.

Ingredients To Look For

aloe vera is best ingredient to have in your water based lube

The soft tissues in the vagina can be especially susceptible to reaction as well as bacterial infection. For this reason, some water-based lubes are specifically intended to be hypoallergenic or contain ingredients that fight irritation. Carrageenan is one such ingredient that's used for its antimicrobial properties; it's also wonderfully slick for use as a lubricant.

Other ingredients that you'll commonly find and may even search for in your water-based lube include Vitamin E, which is moisturizing, and Aloe Vera, which is known for its soothing properties.

​Warming and Cooling Lube

Finally, your eye may be drawn to water-based lubricants that have special features such as warming, cooling or tingling. It's absolutely imperative to test these lubes on your skin – we recommend the inside of your thigh – before using them to test for possible reasons.

Warming lubes generate heat upon skin contact due to glycerol; however, some people report that warming lubricant creates an unpleasant burning sensation and not a gentle warming. In the other camp, we have cooling and tingling personal lubricants. These use menthol to create the sensation, which may be too extreme to bear. Menthol can also irritate skin and damage mucus cells. Use less lube than you think you'll need or consider mixing it with a basic lubricant to avoid a reaction.

Water Based Lubricants​ Reviews

1. Aloe Cadabra Natural Lube

  • One of the main ingredients in this lube is soothing aloe.
  • Vitamin E also makes the ingredients list.
  • Not only is Aloe Cadabra vegan, but it's actually edible, too!
  • This water-based lube was designed to be pH balanced.
  • More affordable than many of the lubes on this list.
  • Comes in a tube like some shampoos so you can use it one-handed.
  • Made in the USA, Recommended by doctors.

2. Blossom Organics Natural Moisturizing Lubricant

  • One of the main ingredients in this lube is soothing aloe.
  • Aloe-based lube that is pH balanced.
  • No parabens, glycerin, or alcohol on the ingredients list.
  • If you prefer a thinner formula, Blossom Organics lube is for you.
  • Comes in a much smaller tube than other lubes so you may have to stock up. Developed by a woman.
  • Feels thin and light, not sticky. Ideal for sensitive skin.

3. Sliquid Organics Natural Lube

  • Ultra thick water based natural lubricant, infused with organic botanical extracts
  • Neutral pH balance
  • There are less than ten ingredients total.
  • Comes in a bottle with press-top lid
  • Vegan

4. Pink Water

Pink is one of the top brands in the personal lubricant niche. It is glycerin-free, enhanced with aloe, taste-less, odorless, and pigment free. The light formula is silky smooth and will last longer than any sexual encounter. It is compatible with latex condoms and toys so that you can enjoy any type of sexual encounter without having to reapply multiple times.

  • A slightly thicker formula makes it less messy and perfect for playing with your favorite sex toy.
  • The pump comes in handy, and the bottle even comes with a cap so you can toss it in your bag or suitcase!
  • Fans of Pink Water love how it's not as sticky as some water based lubes. Can get it in 3.3 or 6.7 ounce.
  • Contains Ginseng and Guarana to increase blood flow to your most sensitive area. Not certified organic.

Other Brands

Slippery Stuff Gel

Slippery Stuff offers many personal lubricants, but its best water based is by far Slippery Stuff Gel. The ultra light and super silky formula allows you to enjoy intercourse without having to worry about reapplying. The odorless formula has been recommended by physicians for more than twenty years.

Passion Lubes

Passion Lubes offers one of the best water based lubes in the industry. The formula is very light and super slippery. It is glycerin and paraben free. As with all water-based lubricants, it is compatible with all types of latex and easy to clean up afterward. Where Slippery Stuff is known to last quite a while, Passion Lubes often needs to be reapplied during extended sexual encounters or if you are having intercourse multiple times in a single day.


Many users argue that Astroglide offers the best water based lube because its silky formula is pH-balanced as well as being petroleum-free. Astroglide is odorless, but does have a slight bittersweet taste. Physicians have been recommending Astroglide for short-term relief of vaginal dryness since its introduction in 1991.

Liquid Silk

Liquid Silk is a water-based lube that has the slightest bit of silicone added for extra smooth lubrication. The formula is ultra light and non-tacky, latex compatible, and odourless. It is also bio-static and glycerin-free to help prevent yeast infections. It can also double as an all over body massage oil.


There are plenty of options available to you when it comes to water based lube, but Aloe Cadabra might just be the magical lube you need to try. Other lubes are organic or pH balanced, but this one comes in an easy-to-use tube and is quite affordable in comparison. It offers the perfect texture for use with a variety of activities from masturbation to vaginal sex to anal to toy use, so one bottle can provide the answer for all your personal lubricant needs.

Even if you've tried other water based lubes, you might want to try Aloe Cadabra. It contains no glycerin or other irritants and is especially soothing you you're already irritated or have scar tissue from childbirth.

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