NJoy Pure Wand Review

Wand Reviewed - Njoy Pure Wand

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  • Made from stainless steel
  • Designed for G-spotting/P-spotting
  • Works for temperature play


  • Price
  • Hefty

You probably don’t get turned on by a stainless steel sink, but the stainless steel Pure Wand is a dildo that has helped many people discover their G-spots (or P-spots) and induce orgasms like none other. If you want to add new materials to your toy box, the Pure Wand might fill the void.

Key Features

The Pure Wand is made from stainless steel, which offers several benefits. First, it’s hefty enough to provide intense G-spot stimulation. Secondly, it responds well to temperature changes for temperature play. Thirdly, it’s nonporous and can be used with lube of any type. Finally, this toy will essentially last forever.

It’s the shape of the Pure Wand that has sex toy lovers writing rave reviews. The two bulbous ends are different sizes: 1” and 1.5” inches. So you can choose what fits your needs best.

The curved shape is designed specifically for G-spot stimulation, and the Pure Wand also works for prostate stimulation.

Njoy Pure Wand Review

Although there are now several companies that make metal dildos, including those made from stainless steel and aluminum, nJoy was the original. Their hefty stainless steel toys have been around for years, and the Pure Wand might be the most famous and well-loved.

The Pure Wand looks simple, but looks can be deceiving. A curved shaft ends with bulbous ends on either side: one with a 1” diameter and the other with a larger 1.5” diameter. When you weight this 8-inch sex toy, it’s 1.5 pounds, which is heftier than a toy would be if were the same shape but made from any other material.

Pure Stainless Steel

Like glass, ceramic and wood, stainless steel is solid and smooth. It initially feels cool to the touch, but it weighs much more, and you can feel that density when you hold the Pure Wand. Why is this good? Because the Pure Wand uses its own weight to provide intense G-spot stimulation. Why might this be bad? Because the toy is hefty and won’t be friendly to anyone with muscle or joint problems.

The perks of a stainless steel dildo are numerous. The Pure Wand will last your entire lifetime. In fact, you could bequeath it to someone in your will! You can also use silicone or water-based lube with this dildo without worrying about possible interactions.

Because the Pure Wand is made from metal, you can dip it in warm or cool water to experience temperature play. And the Pure Wand will warm up to body temperature during use.

The Pure Wand can easily be wiped down between uses and won’t collect lint. You can boil it, wipe it with a 10% bleach solution or even pop it in the dishwasher (top rack) to sterilize it.

Curve For Her (And His) Pleasure

The Pure Wand is clearly designed for stimulating your G-spot. The entire toy is curved, not just the end, and you can choose from either end to thrust against your G-spot. During use, the other end will curve back toward your belly button. Depending upon the location of your G-spot, the Pure Wand may hit your stomach or mons, but most people enjoy the shape. If your G-spot is especially shallow, the Pure Wand might not be the toy for you.

In fact, many thank the Pure Wand for helping them to find their G-spots in the first place, and the size, weight and shape helped them zone in on the hidden treasure.

But the Pure Wand isn’t just ideal for G-spotting. You can use this dildo to stimulate your prostate if you’ve got one instead. You’ll want to insert the toy so that the bulb of your choice rubs against your prostate. If you’re on your back, slip it between your cheeks with the dildo curving up toward your penis. It might be easier to use than other prostate toys for those of you with short arms, and you don’t need to reach around to control the toy.

Note that many people prefer to warm up with the smaller end then move to the larger bulb to finish off with an orgasm. The shaft itself is more narrow, so this toy might miss the mark if you prefer size.

Presentation and Storage

As a final note, all nJoy toys come in a luxurious box that’s lined with satin. The Pure Wand sits in a foam insert. You can use this for gifting or even storage; although, you can save a lot of space if you store the Pure Wand by itself or in a pouch, instead.


Don Wand Bent Graduate Glass Pleasure Wand

This glass dildo is bent at an angle rather than an actual curve, which may not be as useful for finding and stimulating your G-spot. On one end is a bulbous head that’s more tapered than either end of the Pure Wand. The other end features a series of ridges that end with another elongated head.

You might find this version more interested because it offers more than a smooth shaft. It’ll be lighter than the Pure Wand, and if you’re not a fan of the color, there are many similar dildos available.

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nJoy’s Eleven is even heftier than the Pure Wand if you can believe it. So if the Pure Wand is already too heavy, this dildo won’t be a better option because it weighs nearly three pounds and is a full eleven inches long.

One side features a gentle curve while the other has a series of ridges that provide G-spot or P-spot stimulation. It’s wider overall than the Pure Wand with the larger ending have a 2-inch diameter and the other topping out at 1.75 inches in diameter.