Prostate Massager – A Buyer’s Guide

For many men, a prostate massager offers new sensations, powerful prostate orgasms and a way to better know their bodies. The best prostate massagers make it easy to get intense stimulation, which can be hard to achieve with your own hands. You can use them by yourself or with your partner to spice things up in your bedroom.

There are hundreds of prostate massagers available on the market. Some vibrate, some don't. Some are built to last forever while others clearly aren't. You can spend $20 or $200. The options are truly staggering, so we'll list the toys you absolutely must consider.

Features of Prostate Massagers

Prostate massagers also known as prostate stimulator, prostate dildos, P spot or G spot vibrators, can be effective as long as they have the right shape and size, but there are other features that can upgrade your experience.

1. Prostate Curve

Most prostate massagers are similar to G-spot toys in that they have a curved and/or bulbous tip for intense P-spot stimulation. In fact, you can use a G-spot toy for prostate massage as long as you follow safety precautions.

2. Hands Free

Some prostate massagers can be used hands-free thanks to a design that stays in place once it's inserted.

3. Flared Base or Handle

This feature is a must-have with your prostate massager. A flared base like the one on a butt plug prevents your toy from slipping inside and getting lost, which could result in an embarrassing trip to the doctor!

4. External Stimulation

Toys from companies such as Aneros and Nexus include external arms that simultaneously stimulate your prostate from the outside when you move the toy with the handle. This can be more intense than internal stimulation alone, but you'll need to find a prostate massager that fits your anatomy for it to work.

5. Prostate Vibrator

Not everyone likes vibration on their prostate, but some men respond to it. You cannot easily replicate vibration with other toys or your body, so it may be worth adding a vibrating prostate massager to your collection. Plus, you can always use it without the vibration.

The more features you need, the more expensive your massager may be. However, doing your research will help you get the most bang for your buck.

How To Use Prostate Massager

No matter how many features a toy has, your prostate milking experience won't be the best if you're in the wrong position. Position helps you be more comfortable with less stress on your body while achieving prostate stimulation.

Try the following positions to see which works best for you:

  • On your side
  • On all fours
  • On your back with your knees bent toward your chest​

Your body shape, flexibility and personal preference will determine the position you like best. Feel free to switch it up when exploring prostate massage with a partner who can more easily reach the spot inside your anus.

Taking Care of Your Prostate Massager

Although you may be well versed in using and taking care of a prostate toy, who can't use a refresher?

You'll want to use plenty of lube. If you want more cushion, choose a thicker water-based lube. If slickness is up your alley, opt for a long-lasting silicone based lube. You can apply it to the toy and your backside or just the toy. For toys that are silicone, perform a spot test before using silicone lube with the toy because a reaction could occur.

Rigid materials such as stainless steel, glass, plastic and even harder silicone should be handled with care.

You can cover your toys with a condom to make cleanup easier. After use, wash with warm water and soap. If you're the only one using the toy, you don't have to sterilize it. Store it in a cool, dry place. For jelly toys, storing in a plastic bag is optimum; otherwise, chemical leaching can occur.

If you plan to swap toys with a partner or with another orifice, then opt for materials such as silicone, metal or glass that can be sterilized. You can boil them or spray with a 10% bleach solution then rinse them off.

The Best Prostate Massagers

The right toy for you depends on whether you want internal and external stimulation, vibration, texture or girth. It's best to start smaller than you think you need. Because prostate milking is about the top-to-bottom movement, you don't need a huge prostate toy.

Aneros Helix Syn Silicone Prostate Massager

Aneros is one of the leaders in prostate toys, and the Helix Syn is the silicone-coated version of their much loved Helix prostate massager. The velvety silicone makes it softer if you don't want your massager to be made of rigid material. This is perfect for beginners who has just started in prostate massage.

You don't need any batteries for this one as the external arm keeps it in place, and you can even use it without hands. This is ideal for wearing it during sex. However, it has an external handle that you can use to maneuver the toy.

At its widest, the toy is just 1 1/16” in diameter, so it's one of the smaller options on this list

Things We Liked

  • Internal and external stimulation
  • Can be used hands-free

Things We Didn't Like

  • No vibrations
  • May be too narrow for some

Vibrating Prostate Massager - Waterproof

This affordable vibrator is made safe for prostate massage and anal play thanks to the flared base, which acts as a handle and also has colorful, changing lights. Although it lacks a drastic curve or bulb, it is lightly curved and has a narrow diameter of 1.3”.

The toy is made from soft silicone, waterproof and rechargeable via USB

Things We Liked

  • Unique LED colors
  • Slender
  • Price

Things We Didn't Like

  • Lacks drastic curve or bulb for intense stimulation

Lelo Hugo with Remote Control

If you want to invest more money in prostate stimulator that will last forever, here's one option. All Lelo toys come with a 1-year warranty and are made of body-safe silicone. Hugo, in particular, is an L-shaped vibrator with a slight handle to vibrate internally and externally.

What really makes Hugo stand out is the remote control, which you can use yourself or hand off to your partner to use up to 12 meters away. The remote can be used normally or with unique motion controls for a new experience.

The medium-toy has a 1.6-inch girth.

Lelo's Hugo is rechargeable and waterproof.

Things We Liked

  • Remote control
  • Designed to stay in place

Things We Didn't Like

  • Lacks a dedicated handle
  • Price

Anal Fantasy Cock-ring Plug

This prostate massager is unique because it's also a cock ring. It can help keep you harder for longer. While it may take a little longer to insert, it'll definitely stay in place. The shaft is shaped like a large thumb to press against your prostate. If it's not the right shape and size, you might want to something more mobile.

After insertion, the cock ring/anal plug can be worn during sex or masturbation. It's made from silicone so it's easy to clean.

Plus, it's one of the cheaper prostate massagers on this list.

Things We Liked

  • Price
  • Multiple uses

Things We Didn't Like

  • Not easily moved

Utimi Vibrating Silicone Anal Plug in Black

Utimi offers sex toys at affordable prices, and this vibrating prostate massager is no exception. It has a gentle curve and a looped handle for ease of insertion and use. You can use the massager without vibration or rely on the remote control to cycle through the 10 settings.

This massager is made from soft and smooth silicone that can be used in the shower. The massager is rechargeable, but you'll need extra AAA batteries for the remote control itself.

Things We Liked

  • Has remote control
  • Multiple settings

Things We Didn't Like

  • Not rechargeable


Other Prostate Massager that didn't make to our list but worth having a look

  • Aneros MGX Classic
  • Aneros Helix Classic​
  • Rocks Off Rude Boy
  • Rocks Off Naughty Boy
  • Sonic Prostate Health Massager
  • Dr. Joel Kaplan Prostate Massager

If you want a prostate massager you can manually move to hit all the right spots, try the Aneros Helix Syn Silicone Prostate Massager. You can add vibration via a wand-style vibrator or upgrade to a vibrator of a similar shape once you master this prostate massager​.

Prostate Massage and Strap-Ons

The adventurous couple will find that they don't need a specific toy when they want to try prostate milking through stap-on sex. This practice, also known as pegging, can bring a couple together. The man gets to experience opening up to his partner while the woman is on top and can penetrate her man.

All you need for pegging is a harness and compatible dildo. Because the dildo connects to your harness, you needn't worry about the flared base; although, most compatible dildos have a flared base for connecting to your harness.

Dildos can be quite large, but you don't necessarily need a large toy for prostate massage. The shape is more important. Choose a toy that has a curve or bulb like you'd use for G-spot stimulation.

The toy should be positioned so it curves downward when penetration from behind. The toy should be turned around when penetration head on, such as when a woman stimulates her partner's prostate in missionary position.

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