Sex Pillows, Wedges and Ramps

If you’re sexually creative, you’ve probably got it on in every room of your house and found ways to employ every piece of furniture for exciting positions. You can experiment even more positions with sex pillow.

Sex furniture and pillows not only allow you to try new positions and experiment, but they can help you have more comfortable sex if you and your partner have mismatched body shapes/sizes, back pain or even conditions such as arthritis.

Not Your Ordinary Pillow

You might have pushed a few pillows under your hips while having sex to achieve some of the benefits of a sex position pillow. If that works well enough, how could you justify the much higher price of sex wedge pillows? We’ll tell you.

  • Regular pillows aren’t meant to support your entire weight (and that of your partner). They lose shape, which is why you might need to use several of them at once. The lack of support can even become uncomfortable over time.
  • Sex pillow, on the other hand, is typically made from fully supportive high density foam. You’ve seen the commercials. When you press a hand into memory foam, it makes an indentation, but the mattress doesn’t lose its shape. The impression slowly bounces back. Whether you’re fast asleep or having sex, memory foam provides more support than your foam or feather pillows.
  • These pillows are denser and heavier than your regular pillow, which is great for helping you get into position. Just keep in mind that storage can be difficult because these items are bulky. If space is at a premium, you might consider an inflatable position pillow, and we’ll review one of them below.

Best Sex Pillow For 2019

Form and Function

Memory foam sex wedge pillows are encased in covers, typically. These may be made from microfiber or suede, so they feel silky soft to the touch. Removable covers can also be laundered, keeping them clean. No one wants a lube spill on the same pillow they sleep with!

As you can guess, some companies allow you to customize the material and color. Liberator, a company known for sex furniture and sex pillow, even has bondage-friendly covers that you can tie your partner up to or vice versa.

Several sex pillows have pockets for inserting your favorite vibrator for additional stimulation while you’re using the device. Inserting or attaching a vibrator also makes position pillows great for solo masturbation.

The Best Sex Pillows - Reviews

The following are some of the best wedge sex pillows on the market. Check out our reviews to determine which is best for you

You can buy just the Wedge from Liberator if you don’t have the budget, space or need for the combo. The standard 24-inch version has a 27-degree angle to raise your hips or butt. The larger size means the Wedge is more expensive than the Jaz, but the greater angle makes a bigger difference in some positions.

The original Wedge is 24 inches wide, but a plus-sized version is 30 inches wide.

The microfiber cover can be removed to wash in the machine. The material also helps it “stick” to pieces such as the Ramp. Consumers can choose from five cover colors: black, sapphire, flame (red), chocolate and amethyst. Liberator sells additional covers separately.

If you decide that you want to try bondage, you can purchase the Black Label Conversion Kit to make your Wedge restraint-compatible. Liberator also sells Wedge gear bags for storage or travel.

Things We Liked

  • Helps with several positions, including G-spot stimulation
  • Accessories available

Things We Didn't Like

  • More expensive than Jaz
  • Better deal to purchase Ramp/Wedge combo

Liberator’s Ramp and Wedge combo is the ultimate twofer. You can use both the Wedge and Ramp alone or pair them up for achieving even more sex position options. Speaking of options, there are many. You can choose from three different Ramp heights: 10”, 12” and 14”. There’s also a plus-sized version that’s an extra 6 inches wide.

The Wedge is 7 inches tall with a more extreme angle than the ramp. Both pieces are available in machine-washable microfiber covers. You can purchase the Wedge/Ramp combo in the Black Label version with restraint hookups.

Things We Liked

  • Height options
  • More position possibilities
  • Restraint-compatible version

Things We Didn't Like

  • Higher price
  • Ramp requires a lot of room to store

Jaz might not be the most famous of Liberator’s lineup, but it’s definitely worth a look. The smaller, wedge-type sex pillow can help penetrative or oral sex. If your space is limited or you’re looking for something to pack in a suitcase, you might consider Jaz. It’s just 6 inches high, 14 inches long and 18 inches wide. If you find the wedge too large on its own, Jaz might be right up your alley.

Liberator’s Jaz comes with a microsuede cover, which you can remove to wash. There’s a liquid-resistant layer to protect the inner core from any bodily fluids or lube.

The company makes Jaz Motion, which has a rounded edge to facilitate rocking. There is no option to add restraints to your Jaz.

Things We Liked

  • Washable cover
  • Useful for multiple positions

Things We Didn't Like

  • Small
  • Not compatible with restraints

This memory foam position pillow from InteVision is similar in size to the Liberator Ramp and has the same 27-degree angle as the Wedge. The InteVision ramp is 6 inches more narrow than the Ramp, which might make it cramped, especially for larger bodies. You can find wider and longer Intevision pillows, but none of the ramp shapes are more than 12” tall, which might be an issue for tall users.

The core of Intevision pillows is made from mostly polyurethane foam with a 1-inch layer of memory foam on top. There aren’t color options like the Ramp, and it’s not as attractive. You can remove the cover to wash it, but it doesn’t have the moisture-resistant lining like the Ramp. It’s also not made from microfiber, but you can purchase an Egyptian cotton cover.

Things We Liked

  • Affordable
  • Makes positions easier and more comfortable

Things We Didn't Like

  • Not moisture-resistant
  • Lacks a single core

The last sex pillow on our list is an inflatable pillow. It might remind you of camping pillows, but it has a rounded wedge shape similar to the Wedge. It’s made from PVC and coated with velvety material on the face, but the edges might feel sharp.

This pillow by Toughage has the benefit of being the only pillow on this list that deflates and stores with minimal space. When inflated, the pillow measures 14” long, 18” wide and 6” high.

The inflatable sex pillow comes with its own hand pump, or you can use an electric pump fitted with the right nozzle. Be careful not to overfill the pillow.

One of the downfalls of inflatable sex wedge pillows if the chance that they will leak air or even pop. This pillow can only support up to 200 pounds, so it might not be the best option for partners resting their full weight on it or larger users.

This is the most affordable sex pillow on our list by far.

Things We Liked

  • Cost
  • Easy to store

Things We Didn't Like

  • Won’t work for everyone
  • May break
  • Have to pump

Recommended Sex Positions

Each sex pillow comes in a specific shape. Many are versatile while others help you maintain specific positions, such as doggy style, better than others. But a little creativity goes a long way.

Wedge Sex Pillows

The following is just a short list of position inspiration for smaller, sex wedge pillows.

  • Doggy style: Slip a wedge pillow under your hips for less strain on your hands and knees. You can rest fully on the pillow without your hips dipping too low. You can still rest on your elbows with small position aids.
  • On her back: Make missionary more interesting by raising her butt and hips toward her partner who can kneel or lie in front of her. Move the pillow to the edge of the bed, and he can stand while the pillow boosts her hips.
  • On his back: A pillow under his thighs and knees raises his legs. A partner who straddles him gets deeper penetration.
  • Oral for her: Slip a wedge-shaped sex pillow under her hips and butt so that her hips are raised. Her partner rests his or her elbows on the pillow on either side of her thighs.
  • Straddling: Straddle a position pillow to grind against it or an inserted sex toy. Great for solo use or while a partner watches.

Ramp and Wedge

Larger ramp-style position aids offer even more position combinations, especially when paired with a smaller wedge.

  • Doggy style: Raise your hips even more for to find the right height for comfortable, powerful thrusting and deeper penetration.
  • Oral sex for her: Oral for her becomes comfortable for her partner when her butt rests on a tall ramp. Her partner can also lean over her body from her shoulder to perform oral.
  • 69: One partner uses the wedge to raise their upper body while the other lies on top.
  • On your back: Place the ramp on the bed. On the low end, position the wedge pillow. Lie on the pillows so that the ramp boosts your hips and the wedge supports your head. Your partner penetrates you anally or vaginally while kneeling on the bed in front of the ramp.
  • From behind: Rest a ramp on the edge of the bed with the tall end away from you. Lean your body on the ramp while you stand at the edge of the bed. Your partner penetrates from behind. Good for vaginal or anal sex.
  • Edge of the bed: Keep the ramp in the same position as above, but lay on it facing up. Your partner stands on the floor and leans over you during penetration. You can wrap your legs around his waist, bend them toward your chest, or one of you can hold them in place.
  • Wedge and Ramp combo: Place the ramp in the middle of the bed with the lower part where you hips will be. Rest the wedge pillow on the lower end. Lie so your back is supported by the incline of the ramp and your butt is boosted by the wedge. Your partner penetrates while kneeling between your legs.

Who Makes Sex Pillows?

You won’t find as many manufacturers who focus on sex pillow as you will those who make lube or sex toys, but you still have a few options.

  • Liberator is perhaps the best-known sex furniture and position aid company out there. They offer options from single pillows to gigantic beds and everything in between. You have plenty of room to customize your Liberator product. They also make sex blankets to keep things clean even when you’re dirty.
  • Love Bumper is a smaller company that offers sex furniture and smaller “love bumpers” for getting it on. They also make sex blankets and mats.
  • Utimi is better known for making sex toys, but the company also sell inflatable position pillows.
  • InteVision makes “bed pillows” from memory foam. Although not expressly made for sex, many of the pillows can be used for that purpose.
  • Toughage is another maker of inflatable sex wedge pillows.