Wet Platinum Lube Review

Lube Reviewed - Wet Platinum

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  • Slick
  • Doesn’t get sticky as it dries
  • Condom compatible


  • May stain clothing or sheets
  • Hard to wash off

Wet is a lube company that’s been around a long time. They offer everything from warming to flavored lubes, and Wet Platinum is the super-slick silicone option for lovers.

Key Features

This lube uses a silicone base, which adds slickness and enables you to use it longer than water-based lubricants. It’s perfect for in the shower, and a good option to consider if you’ve reacted to other lubes.

Wet Platinum is FDA certified as a medical device, so you can breathe easily when using it during sex. It won’t do any damage to your body.


Like any silicone-based lube, Wet Platinum is slick and will last for hours. The formula means you only need to use a little, too.

As it dries, it won’t become sticky. It will take a bit more than soap and water to wash off, however. This property makes it excellent for use in the shower, of course.

You can safely use it with condoms or for vaginal or anal sex. There’s no scent or flavor, but you should be careful with the lube because it can stain clothing and linen.

Because of the silicone content, you should always do a spot test with any silicone toys before use. Dab a bit on the base and rub vigorously for 5 - 10 minutes. If the toy becomes tacky or changes texture, you definitely don’t want to use Wet Platinum with it.

Wet Platinum looks quite similar to Eros Bodyglide by Pjur. Both come in a black bottle. However, if you’re specifically looking for a product that’s been recommended to shine PVC or wear during sex, it’s probably Eros, which is better known. Wet Platinum is more affordable, however.

The smaller bottles have a press top. If you need a pump bottle, you’ll need to invest in a larger bottle of Wet Platinum lube. Fortunately, you can buy bottles as large as a gallon, so you’re sure never to run out!


Pjur Original (Eros Bodyglide)

The two personal lubricants have a similar body, but Eros has a much higher price tag. Pjur products have the same FDA approval. But there’s also Pjur Light, a less viscous version of their silicone-based lube if you find Bodyglide is just too much. Pjur Light is just one of many options from Pjur; there’s also an anal silicone lube.

best lubricant for women liquid silk

Lush also comes in a black bottle, this time with a sleek silver label. The bottle is spill proof and can be re-locked, which is always convenient. The price falls between Wet Platinum and Eros, and there are just three ingredients -- all silicones.

I-D Millennium Silicone Lubricant

ID’s silicone lube option is slick and condom-friendly just like the others on this list. It’s not recommended for use with silicone sex toys, however.Silicone is thicker than latex, stronger, and holds a better form than latex or any other current condom material.