Coconut Oil As Lube – Best Natural Lubricant

Lubricants are very important for safe and comfortable sex. Vaginal lubrication can make penetration easier and reduces any friction or irritation.

When you are aroused, vagina usually lubricates itself naturally. Some women, however, lubricate less than others. Vaginal dryness is very common in post menopausal women.

There are other reasons why some women experience vaginal dryness. Stress, tiredness, anxiety, low level of hormones, loss of libido, certain medications - all these can have an impact on vagina's natural lubricant activity.

Using Coconut Oil as Lube

Water based lubricants are overall good, but they don't last long though and dry up really quickly. On the other hand, silicone based lubes solve this problem, but they are not compatible with silicone toys.

This is where coconut oil shines as all natural personal lubricant. Although, this may not be suitable for everyone, you should consider it when looking for your perfect lube.

Pros of Coconut Oil as lubricant

Lets consider some of the benefits of coconut oil using as a personal lubricant.

  • Natural Properties

Coconut based lube comes in 2 variants, refined and unrefined. Refined coconut oil refers to deodorised coconut oil that has been treated chemically, and Sodium hydroxide added to prolong its shelf life.

Unrefined coconut lube [virgin or extra-virgin], on the other hand, is straight from the plant and contains natural properties that help by providing antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory benefits.

It's antifungal activity is very helpful to prevent or treat yeast infections. Those who gets repeated yeast infections should consider coconut oil. It also comes highly recommended for vaginal dryness.

  • Great for sensitive skins

Unlike other lubes, coconut oil is all natural and free from any chemicals or added ingredients which can cause allergic reactions. If you are sensitive to other lubes, try coconut oil.

  • Great for anal sex

Due to its porous nature, coconut oil remains one of the best lube for anal sex. It does not dry out as compared to water based lubes.

It gets quickly absorbed into the skin leaving it moisturised and with increased elasticity which is great when having anal sex. A tiny amount can also be used on larger surfaces making it more economical to use.

  • Smell nicer and easy to handle

Lubes are usually pretty greasy and often hard to get off the skin. You may end up cleaning up after longer than you anticipated.

Coconut based lube is easier to get along with as it naturally absorbs faster into the skin leaving it moist and with a mellower smell as opposed to other lubes that would leave a greasy residue on the surface.

  • Great for massages

At room temperature, Coconut based lube remains solid in the tube. When it contacts with the skin, it melts away like butter on a pan. This makes it excellent for massage therapy as it can be managed better and spread out evenly on the skin.

Cons of Coconut Oil as Lubricant


One of the largest downfalls to coconut oil based lube is its oil-based nature makes it incompatible with latex condoms. Studies have shown just how quickly oil based lubes degrade the quality of latex in condoms. Coconut based lube, however, has a slower effect as compared to other lubes but eventually weakens the structure of the latex.​

Best Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Lube

When buying coconut oil, consider following points.

  • It should be labeled as Organic - It means that the coconut used for the process were grown without using pesticides.
  • Unrefined [Virgin or Extra Virgin] - It means it is made from fresh, raw, coconut meat without added chemicals.
  • Cold Pressed - It is made from fresh, low temperature dried raw coconut flesh. It usually retains all its ingredients.

Viva Lab's Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Extra Virgin coconut Oil

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If you’re after the pure natural goodness of fine, fresh coconut oil, then Viva Labs is the brand for you. Made from the finest exotic palm trees from the Philippines, Viva Labs deliver on quality, pricing and value for money.

Viva’s organic extra virgin coconut oil is unrefined and cold pressed to ensure all the natural goodness remains intact in each containment. Their product is gluten free, free from bleach, hexane, trans fats and pesticides.

Viva’s organic extra virgin coconut oil is USDA approved and excellent for hair and skin care. It’s also rich in Medium-Chain Triglycerides that have been shown to promote stamina, healthy weight and metabolism.​

Things We Liked

  • USDA certified organic
  • Unrefined and Unfiltered
  • 2 Years Shelf Life

Things We Didn't Like

  • May ship to you in solid or liquid form
  • Lid not perfect
  • June 13, 2016
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