Passion Lube Review

Lube Reviewed - Passion Lube

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  • Spill-proof bottle
  • Free of parabens and glycerine
  • Comes in large sizes


  • Not waterproof
  • Requires frequently application
  • Sticky

Have you ever heard of a personal lube that comes in a 55-gallon drum? No? Well, let us introduce you to Passion Lube, a water-based lube that comes in a container so large you might never need to buy more again

Free of harmful ingredients such as parabens (linked to cancer) and glycerin (a factor in yeast infections).Available from 2 ounces to 55 gallons. Larger bottles have pumps and are spill-proof.


Let’s discuss the elephant in the room. Yes, you can buy 55 gallons worth of this stuff if you want to. But you might want to start with a smaller container to see if Passion Lube is a product that you’re really passionate about.

This water-based lube doesn’t contain potentially harmful parabens or glycerin, the latter of which can contribute to yeast infections.

Unfortunately, Passion Lube suffers from one of the main drawbacks of any water-based lubes: it dries up quickly and becomes sticky as it does. You can certainly reapply the lube or even use a little spit to make it last longer, but if you want long-lasting lube, it might be worth it to consider a silicone-based product. Silicone lubes have a silky and smooth texture that lasts longer than water-based lubes. This is especially true if you want to use it in the tub or shower.

On the other hand, water-based lubricants are compatible with every body part, toy or condom you might want to use. They wash up easily, and you’ll never have to worry about Passion Lube staining your bed or clothes.

The easy-to-use pump bottle is also a perk. It’s spill-proof and quite handy to have set on your nightstand. However, the thin texture might become messy when used with the pump.

Passion Lube is certainly affordable, but you might want to opt for something else if you don’t use a lot of product and can spend more money on keeping your sex life slick and fun.


Passion Lube is far from the only water-based lube on the market.

ID Glide

ID Glide is a well-known lube brand, and their water-based lube is one that many people have used. ID Glide is slightly more expensive than Passion Lube for similarly-sized bottles, but it’s a fan favorite. Beware that ID Glide does contain a plant-derived form of glycerin.

Swiss Navy Lube

Swiss Navy Lube also comes in larger bottles with pumps. The pumps are lockable, so you never have to worry about spills. Swiss Navy lube is designed to be hypoallergenic, pH-balanced, slick and long-lasting.

Shibari Water-based Intimate Lubricant

Shibari’s water-based lubricant is ultra-smooth and hypoallergenic. You’ll need to be careful when shopping because the older formula, under the “Personal Lubricant” label does contain parabens. But the new formula is free of those ingredients.

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