Ultimate Guide to Sex Swing

Are there positions you'd like to try but can't because of your height or strength? Perhaps you're just looking for something new in the bedroom. A sex swing can solve both these problems.

What’s a Sex Swing?

A sex swing is a device that fully or partially supports the weight of one or both partners during sexual activity. These facilitate positions that may be difficult due to injury, physical capability or even mismatched height, and you can also try positions you’ve never before heard of with the aid of a sex swing.

A sex swing may rest on its own frame, install in your door frame or over the door, or it may install into your walls or ceiling if you desire a more permanent solution.

Unlike sex furniture, swings are easily laundered. Most detach so you can toss the seat part directly in the washing machine.

Another perk is that swings typically fold up to store in a small space.

Types of Sex Swings

There are three main types of sex swings;

Sex Swing Stands don’t need any additional hardware. They hang from a stand, which you can fold or take apart when not in use. You’ll need enough space to set up the stand and swing.

Door Sex Swing - Over-the-door sex swings hang over your door and require no permanent installation. One partner’s back rests against the door, which can add to comfort, but you won’t be able to spin or lean back to achieve certain angles. If your doors are hollow, over-the-door swings may not be the safest option.

Hanging Sex Swing - It hangs from your ceiling and may require specific hardware and knowledge to safely hang. But they’re convenient for people who frequently use their swings and want more versatility than over-the-door sex swings.

What You Need to Know Before Buying a Sex Swing

How much weight can it handle?

You want a little buffer over your weight. If you’re planning to support both your partner’s weight and your weight on the swing, take that into consideration, too.

A swing that can’t support your weight could break under you. In the worst case scenario, you and your partner could wind up hurt and need medical attention.

Who will use it?

If the same partner will use the sex swing, you’ll want one that can adjust to his or her body size. But if you plan to switch things up or try multiple positions with your sex swing, it needs to be adjustable. Reviews can help determine if the sex swing you’re considering it easy to adjust.

How will you install it?

This question leads you to the answers to several important questions.

  • Do you need to drill holes into your wall or ceiling? Do your landlords allow that? Do you want to modify your home in that way?

  • Will the location support the swing and your weight?

  • What tools will you need?

  • How will you cover up the hole if you take down the swing?

  • Where can you install the swing that allows enough room?

  • Will you need to cover up the installation location if it’s in a common area of your home?

  • Do you need to buy a stand?

  • Do you want it to spin? If so, you’ll need a single attachment point.

1 Or 2 Hooks - Which one is better?

You'll find sex swings with both single-hook and double-hook designs. In most cases, two hooks offer more stability and are safer. However, you'll need only a single hook if you want your sex swing to be able to occupy our swivel in circles. Make sure that your sex swing frame is compatible with the number of hooks on your swing and their required placement.

What is your budget?

You can find sex swings at budget prices, but if you want one that’s better made and more versatile, you may want to spend more money. It may be worth spending more to protect your home and body from harm.

Swings start around $40 but can cost upwards of $500 for a sturdy frame and swing.

How comfortable do you want it to be?

The more padding in a sex swing, the more comfortable it will be. Some people sit on a pillow on their sex swing to increase comfort. Consider a headrest, which removes stress on your neck while you’re in a sex swing. Another way to increase comfort is to have a wider seat. Narrow seats will dig into your flesh, especially if you’re fuller-bodied and if there’s only a single strap (the seat)

This leads us to our next point.

How many straps do you want?

Some sex swings have additional thigh or even arm straps while others have a place to rest your feet. This distributes your weight more evenly, increasing comfort. These straps can also provide stability during your sexual activities.

Of course, you don’t necessarily need to use those extra straps and handles, but having them there if you will want to use them is beneficial.

Sex Swings Have Attachments

If you buy a sex swing and find yourself wanting to expand its capabilities, there are options. Attachments such as headrests, handles and additional straps can be added later if you realize that you want that functionality. It can also save you some money to spend less when you’re first trying out a sex swing to buy one that’s simple and more affordable rather than investing in the deluxe version right away.​

Sex Swing Positions

The following are a few of the positions that you can try out using a sex swing. Remember that you’re not limited to these positions, however. Creativity can go a long way.

  • Standing: The penetrative partner stands facing the receiving partner whose hips are lifted to a similar position as the standing partner. During penetration, the other partner can wrap his or her legs and arms around their partner or use stirrups or a footrest for support. Kissing and breast play are possible in this position.

  • From behind (leaning): The receiving partner bends over the seat of the. If possible, he or she can reach down in front to support themselves with the floor. The penetrating partner stands behind for anal or vaginal sex. They can lift their partner’s legs around their hips if desired.

  • From behind (sitting): The receiving partner sits on the swing with their butt scooted backward for anal penetration.

  • Oral sex (male): A man can sit on the swing to receive oral. The swinging movement mimics thrusting. Secure foot straps to the attachment point for him to hold his feet out. His partner kneels between his legs.

  • Oral sex (female): A woman can also lie on the sex swing with an attachment to support her back as she leans back. Her partner can kneel in front of her to perform oral. If you lower the swing, the woman’s partner can sit on the floor and grasp her butt for support while eating her out.

  • 69: One partner leans back in the swing with a back attachment, Their partner stands over them by their head and bends over so both parties can stimulate the other with their mouths.

  • Straddling: He sits on the swing with his back supported. His partner straddles him with their legs outside his hips but inside the straps of the swing.

Of course, these are just a few ideas for you to use as inspiration, and you can even use a sex swing for masturbation.

What About Slings and Spreader Bars?

A Sex Sling is like a sex swing, but it doesn’t work the same. The sling wraps around your body to spread or pull back your legs during sex, but it doesn’t support your weight. You can achieve new positions or make your favorite positions easier with a sling.

A spread bar is a tool that you strap between ankles, wrists, knees or even elbows to keep limbs spread, allowing you easier access and immobility for the person who is being spread.

The Best Sex Swings

The sex swing hangs from a single point so it can swivel and swing in any direction. There’s a bar above your head for you to grasp as well as supports for your legs or thighs. An additional back support is included, but you’ll need to add your own headrest.

The straps are wider than some other options, and it supports of to 220 pounds. It’s priced in the middle of the road if you don’t want to skimp but don’t want to pay too much.


  • Multiple straps

  • Price


  • Doesn’t come with stand

  • May need additional padding or hardware for installation

This stand is what you need if you want more functionality than a door swing but don’t want to or can’t install hardware in your ceiling. It has a central attachment point for your 360 sex swing, but there are additional attachment points for other straps or for 2-point swings.

The sex swing stand can accommodate up to 400 pounds, which is good for many couples.

It may not be easy to assemble and take down without two people.


  • Supports 400 pounds

  • Multiple attachment points


  • Must buy swing separately

  • Requires more space than a door swing

  • May be too low

When you don’t have money or space to spare, the Door Jam Sex Sling by Sportsheets is up your alley. Install it over the door and close it to use the sling. The sling removes just as painlessly. When you’re in the swing, the door supports your back, so you don’t have to worry about a sore neck.

The sex sling comes with adjustable foot straps and handles for your hands to grasp. The padded seat is also adjustable. It supports up to 325 pounds.

However, not any door will work. The installs on the opposite side of a solid door.


  • Affordable

  • Easy installation and removal


  • Should be used on the outside of a solid door

  • Limited positions against the door

The sex swing from Utimi hangs over your door similar to the Sportsheets sex sling and holds just under 400 pounds, and you can adjust the straps per your height.

The thigh cuffs allow you to keep your thighs open and can be used for bondage games, and the swing includes wrist cuffs. The seat is wide and extra padded for comfort.

This is the most affordable sex swing on this list.


  • Comfortable

  • Price

  • Bondage function

  • Adjustable height


  • Limited motion

The kit includes wrist and ankles cuffs to further your bondage activities. The seat is padded as well as the stirrups for the feet, and you can adjust the height and length of straps.

While many sex swings come only in black, this one is available in white. Box includes position ideas.

It installs at a single attachment point so that it can swing or revolve. It comes with the spring, which you do not need to use.


  • Available in white

  • Versatile

  • Adjustable


  • Price

  • Doesn’t have a frame

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