Make Oral Sex Delicious – Flavored and Edible Lubes

Flavored lubricants can give your love life a great boost. While the concept of a lubricant that doesn’t taste like a cleaner sounds great, some people are a bit skeptical as to whether edible lube actually tastes good and, if they do taste good, do they work as a personal lubricant as well.

​Flavored Lube For Oral Sex

Flavored lubricants can bring lots of fun during oral sex. They are excellent in foreplay and amp the experience.

Most flavored lubes are water based lubes and comes in a variety of flavors. You can get fruit flavors like strawberry, watermelon, cherry, raspberry as well as dessert flavors like vanilla cream, mint, cinnamon, chocolate.

Many warming and cooling lubes come with flavor as well.  There is also bacon flavored edible lube if you want to try 🙂

Is Flavored lube safe to eat?

Most of the flavoured lubricants are safer to eat, but don't go and eat the whole bottle of lube. Always check ingredients as lube containing sucralose or glycerine ​can cause a yeast infection if used as vaginal lube.

Best Flavored Lubes

Sitting down to a table of flavored lube is not an option for most readers, so we compiled a list of flavored lubricants that also provide the extra moisture that you desire while being intimate.

We also included lube with variety pack of flavors as its good idea to buy and try all flavors and then decide which one you liked. Since sugar is ill-advised for use around the vagina, they were automatically disqualified from the list.


Flavored Lube



Passion Lubes  Strawberry Water Based

Strawberry,Cherry OR Watermelon


Crazy Girl Oral Sex Gel

Cotton Candy


Astroglide Sensual Strawberry



Doc Johnson Goodhead Variety Pack

5 Flavors Pack


Rain Personal Lubricants

8 Flavors Pack


System Jo Edible Lubricant


Cherry Burst



Aloe Cadabra Edible Natural Lube

Pina Calada

Reviews of Top Flavored Lubricants

1. Rain Personal Lubricant Variety Pack

Rain Personal Lubricants tops the flavored lubricants list with its eight pack of assorted flavors. After all, the same flavor over and over could get a bit boring! Strawberry, chocolate, orange, and grape are just a few of the flavors included in the pack.

Most users say the flavors are strong and actually taste like the fruit they are supposed to taste like. The lube is fairly long lasting, but may need to be reapplied during

2. System Jo Edible Lubricants

System Jo offers a wide variety of flavored lubes, but the Cherry Burst is the best tasting and longest lasting of them all. The flavor is intense and spot on without a noticeable aftertaste.

The lubrication factor is pretty high without a need to reapply for quite a while. System Jo uses a flip-top tube instead of a pump, so this lube will leak if it is not stored in an upright position.

3. Astroglide Sensual Strawberry

Astroglide delivers a great lube with its Sensual Strawberry. The flavor is low key, but you get the impression that you are actually tasting a real strawberry instead of a candy-like flavor.

As with all Astroglide products, Sensual Strawberry is pH-balanced and petroleum free to promote vaginal health and prevent yeast infections.

4. Doc Johnson Good Head

The Good Head line of products all offer a slight numbing for the throat and a warming sensation on the clitoris. You can get it in single tubes or a variety pack.

The variety pack is your best option. Most users say the cinnamon flavor offers the highest degree of warming and numbing, but the mint flavor comes in a close second.

5. Wet Lubes

Wet Lubes offers a number of flavored lubricant, but the top two have to be the Strawberry and Kiwi-Strawberry flavors. Many users say both taste like a stick of gum, while others say the Strawberry tastes like candy. Both flavors add a mild to moderate warming sensation to enhance foreplay even more.

Where To Buy Flavored Lubes

You can buy edible lubes from any superstore like Target, Walmart, CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens as well as specialist adult shops. If you prefer to buy online then Amazon as well as are good places.

Keep in mind that flavored lubricant is water based and do not lasts as long as the non-edible silicone based lubes. Hopefully, after trying one of the flavored lube on this list, you will have a new favorite to play with.

  • Updated April 20, 2017
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